Farms in a Box

Come Grow with Us

Farms in a Box, together with our strategic partner Vortex Aquaponics, has developed game changing disruptive innovations that change how we farm our food – naturally.

Together we have changed where we can grow our food. We have made it possible to grow food year round anywhere on the planet. Together we have changed how much food we can grow in very small spaces without GMO or harmful pesticides. We have made it possible for a family of 4 to grow 192 natural food plants in 1 square meter, allowing for 48 plant of weekly harvest (8-12 lbs per week); this is sufficient to feed a family of 4 daily fresh homegrown food. Together we have reduced the startup costs for commercial level farming, creating an economic partnership that takes organic heirloom food seeds from the package to the table.

For less than the price of new tractor we have made it possible for people in urban areas to grow enough food in their backyards, terraces, balconies, rooftops, and garages to make a full time living. Together we have taken the hard work out of farming.

Using vertical aquaponics we negate the need to till the soil, pull the weeds or deal with Mother Nature’s challenges. By creating controlled environments using new innovative eco-friendly building composites, our installations, large or small, take anywhere from two hours to two days to install, and literally come in LEGO-style “Farms in a Box.”

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